Sensei Jarrod and Shihan Larry Giordano MKA Summer Camp 2002
Sensei Stephen and Sensei Jarrod 2002
Sensei Jarrod - Sanchin Kata MKA Summer Camp 2002
Sensei Jarrod's After School Program South Lawrence East School Lawrence, MA 2003
MKA Black Belt Group Photo Summer Camp 2002
Sensei Kevin and Sensei Jarrod
MKA Group Photo After Class June 2003
Mike Dayton Performing A Handcuff Break At The Methuen Classic Tournament 2003
Sensei Jarrod and Mike Dayton
Sensei Jarrod Brown, Sempai Pat Wilkins, Sensei Mike DiPietro, Sempai Bob Moore, Sempai John Costa
Shihan's 35th Anniversary Party
Sensei Alice Eguchi and Sensei Ace Hatem in San Fransisco
Sensei Jarrod Brown Training at Basics Gym in Napa, CA with Sifu Mike Dayton
Fine Dining after intense training...OSU!
Celebration after a weeks worth of training...
Waterfall Training...the Kanku...OSU!
No words can describe what Mr. Mike Dayton did with this weight on this day!
Mike Dayton pushes everyone to their limit!
Hanshi Larry Giordano, Sensei Jarrod Brown, and Sensei Stephen Giordano prepare for a training session!
Sensei Stephen Giordano and Sensei Jarrod Brown Kumite!
Sensei Stephen Giordano and Sensei Jarrod Brown Kihon!
A good training session! OSU!